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ICT GROUP LLC is established in 2013 for operating in the Information Technology Sector which is defined strategical sector in Mongolia.

Our GROUP invested to 13 companies directly and we offer integrated services to customers through our subsidiaries.

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iTheme LLC

The company is founded in 2013 and developed over 200 websites and 15 themes. The company sells its themes on THEMEFOREST.NET that has high requirements.

  • Websites for organizations
  • Online trade website
  • Websites for advertisement and news
  • Additional services
  • Website caring services
  • Application design
  • Brandbook and design

iTools JSC

Founded in 2011 and the company provides many kinds of data center services that meet TIER II standard to customers. The company supplies over 30 products and services to about 6400 customers of 14 countries and honored as “The best IT company of 2016”.

Market share in Mongolia.

  • 35% of total web site
  • 60% of web sites and web based software which hosted in domestic datacenters.
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Collocation
  • Dedicated server
  • WAP
  • Business mail
  • Advisory and training
  • Cloud mining
  • Backup
  • Cloud data center
Data centers
  • Main data center
  • Cloud data center
  • Mining farm
  • Financial data center

Data Science LLC

Founded in 2017 and one of leading software developing companies, which have skillful, international certified developers

  • Software solutions
  • AI
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Deep learning
  • DaD
  • Blockchain
  • Outsourcing
  • System integration
  • Security system development
h5roject management
  • Technical and operational support
  • Testing of system
  • Risk managing support
  • Installation support

Cnet LLC

The company is found in 2015 to operate as ISP in Ulaanbaatar area and got the special license from the Government. The company’s main purpose is to provide cheap and reliable internet to iTools JSC and to sell an “upload flow” to customers.

  • ISP
  • Cable networking
  • Repairing services


The company is established in 2018 for working in the field of software and business development, database engineer, network, automation, and technology. The company is becoming the official partner of Amazon in Mongolia.

  • To develop the cloud based software
  • Database engineering
  • Training

iContent LLC

The company is found in 2013 for competing in advertisement market and offering new and cheap advertisement approaches based on social media to customers.

  • Social TV
  • Automatic lottery
  • Digital content aggregator
  • Examination solution
  • Test scoring machine and software

MIB Rating LLC

The company is established in 2013 and is developing a credit information bureau (CIB) system. The major purpose of the CIB’s database is to enable financial institutions to know the credit history of their prospective customers. Using the CIB’s database a financial institution can know whether a borrower (an individual or corporate entity) has borrowed in the past, how timely they have been with their payments, whether they have defaulted on any prior loans, etc.

  • Credit history database
  • Credit rating
  • Market research and statisics
  • Payment history database

ZIP Service LLC

The company is established in 2018 and is developing a peer to peer service platform. The company’s mission is to improve social welfare by ensuring efficiency in the market. With our technology, we strive to spread positive social impact by increasing the earnings of ZIP SERVICE’s partners and ensuring a better standard of living for themselves as well as their families. People will able to access to health and accident covers, financial services and insurance, as well as affordable automatic payments and many other benefits using our platforms.

  • Taxi ride
  • Car rental
  • Box, moving
  • Send
  • Carpenter
  • Beauty services
  • Baby sitting
  • Insurance agen
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Doctor, nurses
  • Online trade
  • Car driver
  • Home cleaning and more


The company is established in 2019 for working on the artificial intelligence projects.

  • Face recognition system

Digital Exchange Mongolia LLC

The company is founded in 2017 and established the TRADE.MN, which is the Mongolian first cryptocurrency exchange platform. With help of this platform, Mongolians are able to take part in trade Bitcoin and other coins which are traded on other exchanges like as other developed countries. Now 13 cryptocurrencies are traded on our platform.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Cryptocurrency Register
  • Payment

UB Stock Exchange LLC

The company is established in 2018 for works in stock market as the exchange and created own blockchain based platform (UBEX.MN). Now the company is cooperating with the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia to issue the government bond.

  • Stock and bond exchange

National Blockchain Platform LLC

National blockchain platform LLC ( www.jamuha.com) started the operation in 2018 and the company’s purpose is to create the first national blockchain system in Mongolia.

The company is now working on the “Jamuha” blockchain platform project and Mongolians will have chance to use the national platform after the project is finished.

Mongolian some big companies are signed MOU with the company to apply in their operation after launch.

  • To develop blockchain platform
  • To develop blockchain based apps and software