Our Motto

Right person

With right decision

Invention of right future

Эрхэм зорилго

Технологийн хүчирхэг бөгөөд мэргэжлийн хамтралаар энгийнийг бүтээж, амьдралын чанарыг сайжруулна.

Бидний уриа

Дижитал шийдлээр оньсыг тайлна.

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To be the world competing Mongolian national information technology company

Our Solutions

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Health care

The 85% of Mongolian health sector’s operational public and private hospitals has introduced our technical solutions based on Blockchain technology.

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About fifth of Mongolian education sector is implemented our package training system based on widely used international education and administration system.

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The more than 50% of finance sector is using our integrated online loan system to approve loans to the customers and brought new level of speed and space in terms of lending service in Mongolia.

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Our solution for agriculture industry to improve product and service process in reaching to the end user is implemented and used by 10 percent of Mongolian agriculture industry.

Зөв хүн, Зөв шийдлээр

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Our management teams

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Lkhamsuren. G

Chairman of the Board
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Tsogtsanaa. J

Chief Executive Officer
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Khatanbold. G

Chief operation officer
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Otgonbayar. A

Chief Technological Officer
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Amgalanbaatar. B

Chief Finance Officer
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Bolor. B

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
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Jargal. Ch

Board secretary
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Bud. Yu

Chief Data Management Officer
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Batbold. D

Chief Information Security Officer
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Khuyag. B

Chief Procurement Officer
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Ulaankhuu. N

Chief Investment Officer
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Legal adviser